WordPress 5.0 is here is your website ready?

\”Is Your Wordpress Site Ready for V5.0 and Gutenberg Editor?\”

Wordpress 5.0 w/ Gutenberg is here. If your current website is built with the Wordpress CMS platform you should take note. With the release of 5.0 Wordpress has introduced Gutenberg Editor. Gutenberg is a complete redesign of the WordPress text editor. With the new version of WordPress 5.0 here, the default way that people create content with WordPress has changed radically… There are many concerns with this new release and how it can break your website.

For most Wordpress users that are taken the time to ensure that your WordPress theme is up today then this should not be a problem, But if theme or plugin developer has not taken the steps to ensure that the theme or plugin they have developed is compatible with Wordpress 5.0 then you will have issues.

Before you update your Wordpress site to version 5.0 you need to make sure that your website will work. This is where the Hive Design Team can help. We will do a comprehensive Wordpress 5.0 Gutenberg compatibility check to make sure that your website will work after the Upgrade.

Say Hello to the New Editor

The Wordpress 5.0 Gutenberg compatibility check includes:




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